Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Greenhouse Gases Are All The Rage These Days

My mom was giving one of her friends a tour of our "summer villa" in Tagaytay, when they got to this yet to be finished area of the house. Mom wants this particular spot to kind of look like a greenhouse. So she says to her friend, "etong part na to gusto ko magkaroon ng greenhouse effect (I want this part to have a greenhouse effect)". I laughed, and they both looked at me, a bit puzzled as to what was so funny. So I had to explain to them that the greenhouse effect refers to how greenhouse gases heat up the earth, and that what she simply meant to say was that she wanted this part of the house to look like a greenhouse. Ofcourse explaining why something is funny really takes all the funny out of it, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to educate my mom on one of today's most pressing environmental issues. Then she says to me, "bakit? nagkaintindihan naman kame ha." I replied, "well yeah, but smart people would have laughed". "Tarantado ka ha," she said.