Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Makes Da Money Wit Mine Blogs

Hooray charles! I have finally, finally crossed Google Adsense's $100 payout minimum and picked up teh cash at my friendly neighborhood Western Union branch this afternoon. The lady says to me, "Ay sa Google din po galing ang pera niyo? Marami pang ibang kumukuha dito na galing din sa Google." Of course it was totally none of my business but I had to ask, "Talaga? Magkano yung mga nakukuha nila?" To which the lady replies, "Malalaki din yung sa iba. Mga $3,000 kung minsan." THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?!?!? HooooWOOOOW!!! You know what? Soon enough I will make that amount. You hear that, universe?! Gimme my money! Please. :)



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